The $100 million Georgia Cyber Center is the single largest investment in a cybersecurity facility by a state government to date. Currently under construction in Augusta, Georgia, at 1 Eleventh Street, the center is a unique public/private partnership involving academia, state and federal government, law enforcement, the U.S. Army and the private sector.

With the U.S. cybersecurity labor shortage predicted to hit a half-million or more unfilled jobs by 2021, the Georgia Cyber Center will train the next generation of professionals through education and real-world practice and support innovative companies focused on technology to strengthen online defenses.

The state-of-the-art center spans 332,000 square feet in two adjacent buildings, the first of which – the Hull McKnight Building – will open July 10, 2018. The center features restricted access to meet classified and high-security needs, secure briefing space, a cutting-edge cyber range, a 340-seat auditorium for industry events, an incubator/accelerator program to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, ample spaces for collaboration, classrooms equipped for virtual and on-site training, an adjacent parking deck and direct access to the popular Augusta Riverwalk.

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