Ansible Workshop

The Cyber Center is hosting a free, half-day workshop on Ansible, an open-source software that automates software provisioning, configuration management, and application development.

The workshop will take place at the Cyber Center on Tuesday, November 13, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It will take participants through running ad-hoc commands in Core; writing and running a playbook; using more advanced features such as variables, loops, and handlers; and installing, configuring, and running job templates in Tower.

There will be 20 lab laptops available to those participants who need them; however, everyone is encouraged to bring their own.

Registration is open through October 31, and seating is limited. To register, visit

Additional workshop details

Exercise 1.1 - Ad-hoc commands

Exercise 1.2 - Writing your first playbook

Exercise 1.3 - Running your first playbook

Exercise 1.4 - Using variables, loops, and handlers

Exercise 1.5 - Running the apache basic playbook

Exercise 1.6 - Roles: Making your playbooks reusable

Exercise 2.1 - Installing Ansible Tower

Exercise 2.2 - Configuring Ansible Tower

Exercise 2.3 - Creating and running a job template

Resources and wrap up